Loved One Tracker Information and Pricing



The Loved One Tracker is a "GSM/GPS Tracking Device"

information about the loved one tracker gsm/gps tracking device


The Loved One Tracker is a small, lightweight device similar in size and weight to many every day car key fobs. The stylish, discrete device is worn around the neck, on a breakaway chain/cord, by your loved one to provide security and peace of mind.  The Loved One Tracker is rated IP66, which means that it is highly water and dirt resistant, and can be worn in the shower, or in the rain.  No matter where your loved one is the Loved One Tracker can go with them!



Two-way, Hands-free Communication
With built-in GSM (cellphone) network access, speaker, and microphone your loved one can easily communicate hands-free using the device.  Your Loved One Tracker will be programmed with three numbers that it can text, or call in case of emergency. Communication features work anywhere with cell phone service in North America, and on Cruise Ships!
Built-in Fall Protection
Should the Loved One Tracker detect a hard fall by your loved one the device will automatically text and/or call the emergency numbers programed into it, so that you can ensure your loved one is alright, or provide aid if necessary.
SOS Button
In the event of a "soft fall" that does not automatically set off the device, or in any situation where your loved one finds they need assistance they can hit the SOS button, located on the front of the device, and set the emergency call procedure into action themselves.
GPS Tracking
In the event your loved one wanders off, or becomes lost, you can locate them easily using the GPS tracking feature from your smartphone.



After you order your Loved One Tracker Online an associate will contact you at the phone number you provided to set up the Loved One Tracker for you prior to it being shipped to you.  That's right, we set it up so that when it arrives all you have to do is charge it and use it!

In the first year the cost works out to LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A LATTE per day, and in subsequent years that falls to LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A LARGE COFFEE per day. 

Your Peace of Mind and the Security of your loved one for $2 a day


Size: 61mm X 43 mm X 16 mm
Weight: 35g
Charge Time: ~1 hr
Standby Time: ~3 days
Operating Temp: -20C to +85C




PRICE: $185.00 CAD


  • Loved One Tracker (blue or black)
  • Charging station
  • Phone Support setup
  • Callback Support
  • First Monthly Service

Note: The Setup Associate will ask to set up your ongoing Monthly Service to ensure seamless, easy use.



PRICE: $59.00 CAD


  • GPS tracking
  • Callback Support
  • Two-way cellular access


Note: Upon cancellation of MONTHLY SERVICES, with 30 days notice, the Loved One Tracker and all charging options must be returned in serviceable condition, or a $450 charge applies.




My wife wandered off while I was paying the bill at a restaurant.  I started to panic as we were in a big, unfamiliar city.  Then I remember the Loved One Tracker, called the toll free number, and the associate calmly directed me to my wife who was in a shop two doors down.  Crisis averted and money well spent!

Found Hank R.

Mom lives alone and we’re always worried something might happen, and we wouldn’t know for days.  Now, with the Loved One Tracker, we are confident that should something happen Mom will get the assistance she needs right away.  That little device has taken away my stress!

Stress Reliever Bill W.

Our Mom suffers from wandering due to dementia.  We’ve had to involve the Police search units in the past due to her wandering.  With the Loved One Tracker we simply open the App, or call the toll free number and locate her right away.  No more worry and heartache for us, and less anxiety all around.  Well worth the price.

Peace of Mind Doug G.

When my Dad slipped and fell in the shower, breaking his hip, he was luckily wearing his Loved One Tracker.  It automatically called for help, and he received emergency care right away!  I shudder to think what would have happened without the Loved One Tracker – it’s a lifesaver!

Life Saving Samantha T.

I don’t have a smartphone, or cellphone so being able to call a toll free number and having a real person assist me in finding my loved one when he wanders off is wonderful.  The Loved One Tracker has lifted such a heavy burden from my shoulders! Thank You.

Easy to Use Myrna F.